How to DO IT

Hey guys…

How’s everyone today? I woke up feeling a little tired.. didn’t get much sleep..but oh well…

I am overwhelmed with the response from Day 1. Thank you all for reading. I am encouraged to take on Day 2… Yup!!! Taking it ‘one day at a time’ is a major key to living a happy life… literally.

I am a perfectionist, so usually I get scared to put out content. Most times, I am having a panic attack right before and it is something that I cannot help. I was raised like that. My dad made sure I was better than better in everything and even when I thought I was best, he’d still say ‘you can do better’. You see???? I am wired like that….

I used to be so afraid (still am) but in 2016, I attended a Women’s conference organized by Her Network in Lagos and one of the speakers said  ‘do it afraid’. She said fear will only hold you back from achieving, so regardless of how you feel, just do it. ‘DO IT AFRAID’. 

After that conference, I cannot categorically say I feel any better in taking risks and doing, I just know I will do it regardless. I will do it afraid. Look at it critically, if you don’t do it, you don’t lose anything, right? but you also don’t gain anything. But, if you do it, you either win or learn..

So, what’s that project, idea, business, course, trip, whatever it is, that you always have been afraid of doing, just do it afraid and thank me later hahaha

That said, let’s outline a few categories we’d be discussing on here. I have too many ideas in my head but let’s start with

TOP 5   
Entertainment based countdown series

FAB 3  
Featuring my songs of the week. Music/movies/ art reviews.

(Basically, the chance to appreciate people we love, whether close or from afar. Also open to EVERYONE who visits ‘GetInMyHead’)

Musings – (exactly what it is)

Foodn’Kocktails (I am a lowkey foodie, so I will share any fun recipe I find)

This is our starter pack…. we can tweak it as we go

Let me know what you think….
Catch up with me on social media @krystnenem on all platforms

Have a ‘funtastic’ day ahead

                                                       Your Jist Partner

Krystn Enem

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