ohhh da thickness


Since I was a child, I always wanted to be thick lol. It was such a struggle for me, I’d try to eat so much to gain weight, lol. (za struggle was real) Oh well, now I don’t have to try as much anymore. As we get older, our bodies change. My imaginary bestie Rihanna is beginning to add more flesh and people are going crazy with the comments. I’d say, as long as the tummy stays flat and you exercise often to keep healthy, I am all for it.

Before you roll your eyes at me for advocating for ‘fat’, don’t get me wrong. There is a huge difference between being overweight and being thick. If you are overweight, then you need to lose the weight to stay alive. I am a short girl (yes proudly 5ft4, maybe 3,*eye roll*) So, I cannot be carrying a 75kg body around. I’ll be rolling not walking #jokes. Your body may take more kgs… all depends on your bone and body structure….  Go and ask your gym instructor or doctor to measure your BMI (body mass index) to get the right proportions. Stay healthy people, health is wealth.

Back to my topic… about thick girls (#awonthickerbody) Thick girls rock… basically… they do.

Let’s use some imagination here :  For a second…picture it. A woman’s body is like art, with different strokes, different angles, different colors, different shades, each uniquely  crafted. Therefore, the curvy woman is like the artwork which took more time, more effort, bigger canvas, more material, ALL BEAUTIFUL. *Disclaimer this is not in anyway objectifying a woman’s body, just what we call ‘metaphoric description*

How in the world have thick girls been overlooked for so long, the beauty that is the body, the ‘extra’ meat on the bones, the fit in the jeans or the bikini . Dzanggggg!!!!20171117_102459

Stick thin used to be the ‘Ideal’. This discrimination went on for so long, girls started to starve, just to stay thin. Any girl with a little extra was considered ‘unfit’ for runways etc

Never-the-less, in the last decade, the world is beginning to change it’s idea of the ‘ideal’. Beyonce in her song ‘Pretty Hurts’ discussed this issue and the dangers of this ‘ideal’ size on girls. Tyra Banks, who has also been a victim of this discrimination, now lends her voice to this course. We are all advocating for curvy women as part of the ‘ideal’. Times are changing and so is the ‘ideal’ look. In 2010, OneStopPlus.com produced the first-ever-plus-size-only runway show at the New York Fashion Week. In 2013, Eden Miller did an entire plus size collection, modeled on plus size models for New York Fashion Week. Top models like Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley and lots others are changing the face of the ‘ideal’ size in the fashion industry and we are all for it.


Bringing it back home, a ‘typical’ African woman is curvy, no doubt. However, the influence of the west on us as a people shifted our minds. We started believing that there was a certain look to ‘ideal’ size. Who really sets these standards? Fortunately, through the influence of the media and the west once again, we are reverting to what is originally ours. The world is starting to embrace the woman of color who has more curves,  thick thighs, round hips and all that chunky flavour 20171117_105230

In 2015, Latasha Ngwube, through her #aboutthatcurvylife brand, used the first-ever-plus-size models to walk the runway at the Lagos Fashion Week. She fearlessly continues to champion the beauty of curvy women in fashion. We are about that life really…. yasss we are.

Woman, thou are beautiful, cellulite and all…. By-the-way, I hope you do realize that a lot of editing happens on these social media/magazine pictures… Nobody is really that flawless. We are humans not glass. Heck, the best paintings are rough (ask Picasso

We are all beautiful. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.

Okkk you got my point, tell me what you think in the comment section. Anyone else happy about this shift or am I just obsessed?

Shout out to all the curvy divas out there, I would marry all of you if I could haha

Let’s connect on social media @krystnenem

Until then….

Your Jist Partner

Krystn Enem







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