My 2nd chance at life….

Have you ever had a near death experience? Do you believe in second chances? Ever wondered why you survived something that otherwise should have killed you? Well, I have and I totally cannot put in words what it feels like to be able to say GOD LOVES ME.
God’s mercies are infinite and He really doesn’t look upon us as humans to dish it out. If it were according to human standards, I should have died on the 11th of February 2012. I was not only off to an unknown party, in a tiny skirt lol (I still wear short skirts by the way lol but that one was different) I had made up my mind to ‘live life’. Well, I could have been ‘vibing’ in the grave, if not for God’s mercy.

Let me take you back to the start of that day.

Out of nowhere, an old acquaintance called me and we met up. Me and another friend, that is 3 of us. She told us about this party that was happening later that night and without thinking, we decided to attend the party. I vividly remember the conversation we had in the car earlier when we went to pick up the t-shirts for the said party. She was telling us how we should ‘live our lives’ and have more fun because life is too short. Oh yes!!! Life is short indeed as we would discover later.. We totally agreed. I remember saying, ‘what’s this good life that we are living sef’ I remember saying, if we don’t groove now, when? Lol.

Long and short, God was unhappy with our conversation and showed us a lot of signs not to take that route. Everything was going wrong that day. First, my car broke down, we had to tow it. Fixed it anyways. Time we were supposed to head out, my instincts kept saying to not go. Everything was weird. (Before something bad happens to anybody, especially something like death, you always see and feel it. If only we listened more to our inner voice. Half the time, we ignore God speaking to us and go looking for Prophets to tell us what God has already told us… I digress) After the entire drama of the day, we finally headed out about a few minutes past 11pm. I still thought to myself, why are 3 girls driving alone at night to a party I had no idea of. I almost called another male friend to drive, but I changed my mind. The unease I felt, I was totally flustered about going but I kept it moving.

Well, we headed out. Halfway, I told one of the other girls to drive, so I moved to the back seat. About 11.25pm, I suddenly felt the urge to speak to my mum, so I called her. Her phone rang, but she didn’t pick up (thankfully). I realized it was late and hung up. Soon as I hung up, the girl driving says ‘wait oh, is this car in front of us moving or parked? and BOOM!!! Well, the rest is history, in a split second, I saw my life flash, car flip and heading into the lagoon, God!!! I cannot swim. Last thing I said was, this is it and passed out. You see why it was good that my mum didn’t pick up? she would have died before me.

Oh well, long story short, miraculously, we did not land in water. We landed on land. MIRACLE. Other details will be shared later. God saved us and I take it that He gave me a second chance to live. Whitney Houston died the same day. I cried because God had saved me, for what reason… I do not know, but I know He loved me enough to give me another chance. That accident taught me a lot. I am eternally grateful to still be here.

Happy 2nd Chance Anniversary to me


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